Easter In The Western US

  • 12 Days
  • Max Guests : 42
  • Difficulty : 3/10
  • Solitude Lv : 2/10

Easter In The Western US

Embark on an extraordinary Easter adventure, immersing yourself in the captivating cities and awe-inspiring landscapes of the Western United States. This Easter In The Western US begins in the enchanting city of San Francisco, perched on the edge of a peninsula, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. This progressive metropolis, with its diverse neighborhoods and ever-changing weather, sets the stage for an exploration of the city’s rich history, from its Spanish origins to the gold rush era. As you traverse at Easter in the Western Us through landmarks like Civic Center, Alamo Square, and Golden Gate Park, immerse yourself in the eclectic blend of cultures that define San Francisco.

The tour at Easter in the Western Us then leads you to the vibrant lights of Las Vegas, a city that never sleeps. Dive into the dazzling nightlife, savoring the culinary artistry of the renowned Picasso restaurant at the Bellagio Hotel, where your dining experience is elevated amidst works worth more than $100 million. In Las Vegas, explore the iconic Strip with its themed attractions, showcasing the opulence and grandeur of world-famous hotel-casinos. As Easter In The Western US continues, a scenic road trip to the Grand Canyon introduces you to the natural wonders of the region, providing an opportunity to traverse the Grand Canyon Skywalk or take a helicopter tour for a unique perspective.

Continue your Easter In The Western US journey to Los Angeles, a city of endless possibilities, where you’ll stroll through iconic spots like Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the historic Farmers Market. Delve into the cinematic magic of Universal Studios, exploring sets from legendary films and enjoying thrilling attractions. Conclude your adventure with a scenic excursion through Southern California’s stunning beaches, from San Diego to Laguna Beach. As Easter In The Western US draws to a close, savor the memories of this Western US exploration, filled with diverse experiences, vibrant cultures, and the scenic wonders that make this region truly exceptional. Book now and embrace the magic of Easter In The Western US!

Price Includes

  • Economy Class Airline Tickets
  • 10 nights in 4* hotels without breakfast
  • Local Hotel Taxes (Citytaxes) outside of Las Vegas
  • Tour of San Francisco
  • Las Vegas Walking Tour
  • Grand Canyon Tour with the Skywalk Bridge
  • Full Day Tour in Los Angeles (the only office in Greece)
  • Visit to Santa Monica
  • Full Day Excursion to SAN DIEGO
  • Option to visit Universal Studios Hollywood (approx. $145)
  • Gift 10% discount at Macy's department stores
  • Transfer to and from the airport/hotel in America
  • Experienced Greek speaking leader/guide
  • Travel forms
  • Liability insurance

Price Excludes

  • Airport taxes and surcharges, Visa Waiver Program (ESTA) and application fees, Special Individual Travel Insurance & Covid-19: €895
  • Gratuities, Local Taxes (NOT Guides/Leaders) mandatory $150 payable on arrival
  • Local taxes in Las Vegas $140 approx per room total
  • What is not stated in the "Included" Section


28/04 - 10/05
28/04 – 10/05 Option 1 Option 2
Room Type Double Single
Category Classic Classic
Meal Basis
Price per Person 2325 € 3475 €



  • Breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Explore landmarks like Civic Center, Alamo Square, and Golden Gate Park.
  • Experience the vibrant lights and non-stop energy of Las Vegas.
  • Dive into the dazzling nightlife that defines the city that never sleeps.
  • Scenic road trip to the Grand Canyon, a natural wonder of unparalleled beauty.
  • Stroll through iconic spots like Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the historic Farmers Market.
  • Conclude your journey with a scenic excursion through stunning beaches from San Diego to Laguna Beach.
  • Embrace the magic of Easter In The Western US with a journey filled with diverse experiences and vibrant cultures.


Day 1 - Athens - San Francisco

Meet at the airport and fly to San Francisco. Arrival, transfer and check-in at the hotel. The city is located right at the “tip” of a peninsula, with the Pacific Ocean to the west and San Francisco Bay to the east, a position that gives every part of it, as we will see, an excellent view. Progressive and bohemian, outgoing and unpredictable, like her weather. In America’s West Coast metropolis anything is possible. From the beat culture of North Beach, the zen serenity of Japantown and the Latin extroversion of the Mission, to the legendary views from Russian Hill and Pacific Heights, San Francisco has many different faces. Its identity is co-shaped by its urban topography with the famous Gulf and the hills, islands, marinas and beaches loved by surfers. But it is also defined by other things, such as the characteristic haze of the sea front and the blinding clarity of the windswept sky.

Day 2 - San Francisco, Tour

In 1776 the Spaniards were the first Europeans to settle in this place, who named it after Saint Francis. After the discovery of gold deposits in California in 1848 and the Comstock Lode silver deposits in 1859, the city grew rapidly. After being destroyed by the 1906 earthquake, it quickly rebuilt and today is one of the most recognizable cities in the United States. Today a modern metropolis with huge skyscrapers, but which offers an excellent quality of life to its residents. The city is located right at the “tip” of a peninsula, with the Pacific Ocean to the west and San Francisco Bay to the east, a position that gives every part of it, as we will see, an excellent view. We start our tour from the city center, where we will see the Civic Center complex with the City Hall, the Opera House, the Museum and the United Nations Road. We stop for photos at Alamo Square and pass through the Golden Gate Park, a gem of the city, which has many interesting attractions: Japanese gardens, Botanical Garden, golf courses, lakes, aquariums, buffalo and reindeer park, as well as the museum of Science and the characteristic Windmill. We proceed to the Cliff House and continue to the Golden Gate, the Golden Bridge, the symbol of the city, from where we will see Alcatraz and the famous Pier 39, with its shops and aquatic permanent residents, the elephant seals. For the evening we recommend a ride with the TRAM/CABLE CAR to Fisherman’s Wharf. At Pier 39 with its quaint restaurants and shops, you can enjoy a seafood dinner, especially giant Pacific crabs.

Day 3 - San Francisco, Free day | Optional: Monterey-Carmel or Muir Woods-Sausalito

Free day for further exploration of the city. Those who want, can take part in the optional excursion we recommend to two very charming cities: Monterey and Carmel. We pass out of Silicon Valley and San Jose. We arrive at historic Monterey, the old capital of Alta California. Monterey was the “sardine capital” of the Western Hemisphere when the first packing plant was established there in 1900. Today, the old sardine factories have been transformed into quaint restaurants, small souvenir shops, galleries, cafes and boutiques. This area is called “Cannery Row” and was made famous by the author John Steinbeck. The Monterey Fairgrounds hosted the “Monterey Pop Festival”, the first major outdoor festival in the history of rock music (16-18/06/1967), which became the model for the famous Woodstock Festival two years later (Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Animals, etc.). Then, by special permit, via the private 17-Mile Drive (between Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove), admiring the magnificent drive with its lush vegetation, ocean views, golf courses and ultra-luxurious mansions reminiscent of Hollywood productions, we will arrive at the picturesque Carmel, a small town of artists, teachers and retirees, who choose to maintain the provincial atmosphere and enjoy their involvement in the arts. Carmel is a cosmopolitan seaside resort full of expensive, luxurious restaurants, galleries, stone-built villas and cobblestone paths, all carefully and tastefully decorated down to the last detail. Alternatively, we also recommend visiting the popular Muir Woods National Park to walk through the impressive wooded landscape, its deeply shaded paths and among the giant Sequoia/Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) which are often shrouded in fog from the coast. Next is cosmopolitan seaside Sausalito, a small, quiet, beautiful town reminiscent of a Mediterranean mountain village, with just 7,500 residents, whose houses are amphitheatrically built into a steep, wooded hillside above the coastline. Filled with restaurants, art galleries and picturesque pedestrian crossings, this city offers a break from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco, giving visitors the chance to escape its haze and soak up the sun in a slightly warmer climate, just across the street from bridge. From Sausalito’s waterfront you can see Alcatraz, the Bay Bridge, and stunning views of San Francisco and its waterfront. At night, San Francisco sparkles, as you’ll see from across the Bay.

Day 4 - San Francisco - Las Vegas

In the free morning today you can visit shops or museums. Market Street bisects the center diagonally. In its southern part extends the SoMa (South of Market) area with the Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). To the north, Union Square is a destination for shopping lovers – in its boutiques you will find clothes and accessories from famous houses. You can also visit the large Natural History Museum with an Aquarium, Planetarium and a whole colony of penguins – this place is full of interesting surprises. Around noon transfer to the airport and flight to Las Vegas. Arrival and check-in at our hotel, which also has a casino. In Las Vegas now all the top chefs of the world have at least one restaurant. A unique experience, the Picasso restaurant at the Bellagio Hotel – in addition to the dining experience it offers, you will see on its walls some of Picasso’s works, worth more than 100 million dollars. While your gaze will wander over these precious works, executive chef Julian Serrano will prepare for you dishes inspired by French and Spanish cuisine. In fact, the dinner scene of Julia Roberts and George Clooney in the movie “Oceans 11” was filmed here.

Day 5 - Las Vegas, Tour

Meet the city that never sleeps. We will walk with our tour guide along the famous Strip and visit the major attractions from the hotel-casinos, each of which organize spectacular themed shows to attract and entertain their audiences. The Atlantis show is presented at Caesars’s Palace. The flamingos steal the show in front of the homonymous hotel. At the Bellagio, the spectacle of the fountains “dancing” to music. At the Venetian, the gondolas are reminiscent of the Italian city of the same name. The atmosphere of Egypt is brought by the Sphinx and the pyramid outside Luxor. Likewise, you will be impressed by Paris Las Vegas with the Eiffel tower, New York with “lady Liberty”, Excalibur, etc. Another option in this amazing city of gambling and entertainment is …an Express wedding!!! In your free time you can visit one of the two Outlets – discount villages, while in the evening you will want to watch some performance of famous artists who parade on the huge – as befits the whole extravaganza – music stages of the city.

Day 6 - Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Skywalk Bridge Tour

Today we have a road trip to the Grand Canyon. Its duration is approximately 12 hours. Grand Canyon National Park is one of the first US national parks and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is 446 kilometers long, between 6.5 and 29 kilometers wide and 1.83 kilometers deep. Since the end of the Cretaceous period, the Colorado River and its tributaries have carved away the layers of the Colorado Plateau, which are up to 2 billion years old, one by one, forming the Grand Canyon. Recent research has shown that the Colorado River took its current form 17 million years ago. The lack of moisture and therefore vegetation and periods of rapid erosion, followed by periods of widening of the canyon, as well as the existence of layers with different resistance to erosion, gave the Grand Canyon its current shape. Before the colonization of America by Europeans, tribes of Native Americans lived in this area, mainly the “Pueblos” who from 1,200 BC. they considered the gorge sacred and made their accommodations inside its caves. Descendants of these ancient tribes are the Navajo Indians. The first European to see the Grand Canyon was the Spaniard García López de Cárdenas (American Spanish) or García López de Cárdenas (Castilian Spanish) in 1540. What would it feel like to walk in the void? Of being so close to heaven you think you can touch it? This is how we feel on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. A horseshoe-shaped bridge, located at an altitude of 1,450 meters on the west edge of the Grand Canyon in the state of Arizona, United States of America. Alternatively, this excursion can be done by helicopter (ask for the difference in cost with your registration).

Day 7 - Las Vegas - Los Angeles (428 km), Santa Monica

Route with stops through landscapes reminiscent of the Wild West of the movies. We cross the Nevada desert, where Mojave Indians lived next to the warmest region of the USA, Death Valley, etc. We are greeted by the California desert and then the San Bernardino Valley. Coffee stop at Barstow, with the station and commercial train. A little further down is the historic Route 66, where scenes from the “road movies” were filmed, i.e. the road movies and motorcycle chases of the 60s. We are approaching Los Angeles and the landscape changes: there is greenery all around, the roads widen by 10-12 lanes and skyscrapers can be seen in the distance. We continue for a visit-walk to Santa Monica (about 1.30 hours), known from countless movies, with a unique view of the beach on the Pacific coast. In its center, the bustling Third Street Promenade, where wonderful shops, cafes and ethnic restaurants await you, two antichrist bushes-dinosaurs, the music of street musicians, but also the impressive numbers of street performers, who dance break dance better and from professionals. Free time at the Santa Monica Pier, which is an amusement zone and amusement park, with the famous “Ferris wheel” and the end sign of “Route 66”. Late in the afternoon we leave for the hotel.

Day 8 - Los Angeles Full Day Tour

Great day, full of pictures, information and activity. We start with the historical center of the “City of Angels”. We see the Spanish priest Junipero Serra’s 17th-century mission building, which today functions as a church and recalls the founding history of California’s cities and local communities. Next to it, another part of the historic center, Olvera Street. Next is the Walt Disney Concert Hall, with its dazzling stainless surfaces and quirky curves, designed by Frank Gehry, which hosts classical music concerts, operas and theater performances. Passing through the center, we see the Court House, City Hall, Police Station, Union Square. Via Sunset Boulevard we proceed to Rodeo Drive, the famous street with luxury shops, one next to the other, ready to welcome their – mostly – famous (and well-to-do) clientele. Beverly Hills in opulence, West Hollywood and a stop to admire the famous “Boulevard of Stars” (Hollywood Boulevard), with the famous stars taking their legendary place on the sidewalk. Dolby Theater and red carpet remind us of moments from the Oscars and give us the opportunity to photograph from some point the sign “Hollywood” on the opposite hill. We continue with the Man’s Chinese Theater with its ornate Chinese gate and concrete enclosure, which houses the footprints of the stars. Malls (like Hollywood & Higland), restaurants, spectacularly lit movie theaters (like the art deco El Capitan Theater) and historic hotels (like the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel) complete the scene. In the evening, one must visit the Farmers Market. Two areas, one more Cyrillic and the other more simplistic, both of which have something to offer you, tastes, souvenirs and pictures to take with you. In the most simplistic one, you walk between shops from the 60s-70s with a more traditional and simple setup. As you pass through a vertical street in the FarmersMarket, you are transported to our time. Everything is more impressive and more expensive. Return to the hotel in the late afternoon.

Day 9 - Los Angeles, Universal Studios Full day

One of the first things that comes to mind when we hear the word America is definitely Hollywood! All of us have more or less seen and loved Hollywood productions, series and shows! A huge movie production industry, countless stars, exorbitant amounts of money, glitz and glamour, abuses, scandals and awards, are just some of the elements that make up what we call the Hollywood industry! And where exactly are all these productions being filmed? In huge filming facilities, such as Universal Studios! A basic rule, unbreakable and now known to everyone! Start early!! So our day today is dedicated to the Universal Studios, which are located on the outskirts of Hollywood and occupy an entire “city” in area. Guided by our guide, we will visit the various sights of the park. With special trains we will tour the area of the studios, which have been operating since the 1930s and where many films have been shot. We will see sets of famous movies (“Jurassic Park”, “Transformers”, “Mummy” etc.), the studios of “Water World”, the different effects and the way the movies are made. Free time to buy souvenirs and return to the hotel. (Entrance ticket NOT included)

Day 10 - Los Angeles, Southern California Beaches (Tour to San Diego, San Pedro, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Coronado Island).

For today a full day “circular” excursion. We start from an important international port, San Pedro. San Pedro Bay was used by Spanish ships as early as the 1540s. Cargo entering this port represents about 23% of all cargo arriving in the United States. A little further down is Long Beach, a seaside city of the United States of great importance in the country’s economy. It is the second largest port in the US based on the number of containers, after the neighboring port of Los Angeles, and one of the largest in the world. Also, in this area there is a significant oil industry, as oil exists both offshore and underground. The manufacturing sector includes manufacturing of aircraft, auto parts, electrical and audiovisual equipment. We continue our route with the Pacific Ocean on our right and some of the most beautiful beaches of Southern California, such as Huntington Beach (Huntington Beach) the “capital of surf”, the surf capital of the country. The International Surfing Museum is also located here. The beach is wide, flat and continues for nearly 10 unbroken miles on either side of the town’s large pier. In Hollywood’s golden age, this southern California coastal town was a magnet for big screen stars. They loved its grand ballrooms and smoky bars. Above all, however, they loved its waters and particularly its beautiful marina, where they moored their yachts and sailboats. “These people were protecting their privacy.” Further down Laguna Beach with surfers, marinas, luxury mansions, oil wells and expensive cars. From Dana Point we take the highway to San Diego. Arrival and stop for lunch. Visit to the city center, where we will see the Gas Lamp District, where the streets are lit with gas. Through the impressive, 3,000-meter-long Coronado Bridge, we arrive at Del Coronado Island, where we will visit the 5-star hotel of the same name. A little further away is one of the bases of the 6th Fleet. After the Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor, the Sixth Fleet was redesigned. The US 6th Fleet has more than 40 ships, 175 aircraft and 21,000 personnel. It is the largest in the United States. Return to the hotel.

Day 11 - Los Angeles - Athens

Sunny and glamorous, Los Angeles is a city of discovery for all, a bustling mix of cultures and nationalities, business and resort districts, beaches and museums, glittering alleyways and endless streams of luxury cars. The city simply impresses its visitors. It is worth noting that Los Angeles is a completely decentralized city, without a clear geographical center, and in fact consists of 88 small towns and districts, each of which has its own unique characteristic. Transfer to the airport and boarding the flight to Athens with a stopover

Day 12 - Athens

Arrival in Athens.


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