Argentina -Brazil – Iguazu Falls

  • 12 Days 9 Nights
  • Max Guests : 37
  • Difficulty : 3/10
  • Solitude Lv : 4/10

Argentina -Brazil - Iguazu Falls

Embarking on an exhilarating journey from Athens to Buenos Aires, our adventure unfolds in the vibrant pulse of the “Paris of the South” – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Brazil – Iguazu Falls. The city tour immerses us in a spicy cocktail of dynamic contrasts, from the iconic Casa Rosada to the picturesque neighborhoods of San Telmo and La Boca. Palermo and Palermo Chico capture the glamor, while a cruise in the Tigre River Delta unveils a unique and unforgettable experience.

Transitioning from the urban allure, we delve into the traditional life of Argentine cowboys, the Gauchos, at one of the best farms in the area. Here, amidst skilled lasso techniques, we savor local specialties and renowned Argentinian roasts, a testament to the country’s rich culinary heritage.

Our Buenos Aires escapade crescendos with an evening of elegance, a Tango show, and a sumptuous dinner along the aristocratic beauties of 9th Avenue. As the City of Miracles bids us farewell, we set our sights on the breathtaking wonders of Iguazu Falls. Originating in Brazil and flowing into the Parana River, the falls mark a tri-national border between Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. From the Argentine side, we witness the spectacle of the “Devil’s Throat” with its mesmerizing vortex of waters.

Crossing into Brazil, we embark on a unique photo “safari” within the Brazilian Waterfalls National Park, capturing the falls’ beauty from a different perspective. Our journey then takes us to the iconic Copa Cabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, offering a perfect photographic background for lively locals and happy tourists alike.

Exploring historic centers, mythical beaches, and ascending the Sugar Loaf and Corcovado hills, our Brazilian experience unfolds. The rhythmic heartbeat of samba sets the stage for our final night, filled with frozen caipirinhas and the vibrant energy of Brazilian nightlife. As we bid adieu to the City of Wonder and return to Athens or Thessaloniki, the memories of our Latin American odyssey linger, echoing the beats of samba and the wonders of Argentina – Brazil – Iguazu Falls.


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  • Gifts: The excursion to Gautsos and the Tango Show

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13/06 - 24/06
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  • Tour of the "Paris of the South" , Casa Rosada, the Cathedral, Avenue de Julio 9, San Telmo, La Boca, Palermo, and a cruise in the Tigre River Delta.
  • Explore the traditional way of life of Argentine "Cowboys" with a visit to a local farm, enjoying well-cooked steaks and Argentinian roasts.
  • Discover the aristocratic beauties of 9th Avenue and experience the Tango in an elegant setting.
  • Admire the Iguazu Falls, including the "Devil's Throat" from the Argentine side.
  • Experience a unique photo "safari" capturing the beauty of the falls from the Brazilian side.
  • Enjoy the iconic Copa Cabana beach and vibrant local scenes.
  • Explore historic sites, colonial buildings, and beaches, culminating in an aerial trolley ride up Sugarloaf Mountain.
  • Visit the Corcovado hill to witness the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue and enjoy breathtaking views.
  • Immerse in the rhythm of samba with frozen caipirinhas, exploring nightlife at famous nightclubs and beach bars.


Day 1 - Athens – Buenos Aires

Meet at the airport and fly via stopover to Buenos Aires, Latin America’s most elegant capital, arriving the next morning.

Day 2 - Buenos Aires (tour & excursion to Tigre)

Tour of the “Paris of the South”.
The City of the Holy Trinity and Port of Our Lady of Good Winds is a spicy cocktail full of dynamic contrasts. And yet, the Latin American metropolis with its unparalleled architectural style of eclecticism looks as if it has come out of the short stories of Borges, justifying the reputation of the Paris of South America. Passing by the Presidential Palace (Casa Rosada) we vividly imagine the Saint of the Poor, Evita Peron, greeting the crowds with fiery speeches. The Cathedral that houses the mausoleum of José de San Martín, the liberator of Argentina, the Senate Square that houses Rodin’s “Thinking Man”, the Avenue de Julio 9 with the famous Obelisk and the famous Colón Theater, i.e. the Opera House of the city with the incomparable acoustics belong to the first stops of our tour in the capital of Argentina. From our first tour, we could not miss picturesque Argentine neighborhoods, such as that of San Telmo, where the Tango was born, but also the colorful neighborhood of La Boca, highly praised by the folk troubadours, with the thousand-sung street “El Caminito”.
The prestigious districts of Palermo and Palermo Chico with their famous buildings, as well as the Recoleta Cemetery where the remains of Evita Perón are located, capture the glamor of the city. We leave Recoleta (so to speak the “Buenos Aires Colonnade”), heading to a completely different destination with a cruise in the Tigre River Delta. At the point where the Paraná and the Uruguay River meet, they form in their path islets with beautiful, small, wooden houses supported on stilts. In these we will see the inhabitants on their beautiful verandas quietly enjoying the quiet hours and the generous view. If until now this cinematic scene seemed like a distant image from the very far southern hemisphere of the earth, on our trip you will experience it as a unique experience that will remain unforgettable!

Day 3 - Buenos Aires (excursion to the Gauchos)

Well-cooked steaks in the land of Argentine cowboys.
Skilled with the lasso, brave and rather unruly, the Gauchos know the art of herding cattle on the vast plains better than anyone. Today at Cosmorama we are carrying out yet another unique excursion, devoting our day to getting to know the traditional way of life of the Argentine “Cowboys”. Among the highlights of our excursion is the visit to one of the best farms in the area. Of course, we won’t miss tasting the local specialties and the famous Argentinian roasts with the excellent rearing method, by which the most connoisseurs of meat-eating cuisine swear by.

Day 4 - Buenos Aires (Dinner with Tango Show)

Romantic tangos and elegant boutiques
On our free day we discover the aristocratic beauties of 9th Avenue. The city’s widest street is bustling with stately buildings and elegant outdoor cafes. Alternatively, we suggest you follow us to the picturesque colonial town of Colonia del Sacramento in neighboring Uruguay. There, we will tour the historic center that has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In the evening, we suggest wearing something elegant. We will have dinner in one of the famous centers of the city and watch an excellent program with the absolutely erotic dance of Argentina. It takes two to tango!

Day 5 - Buenos Aires – Iguazu (Argentina Park)

Spectacle at “Devil’s Throat”
After breakfast we head to the National Airport. Our next destination is Iguazu with its famous waterfalls.
The Iguazu River which originates in the Curitiba region of Brazil and flows after 1200 km into the Parana River. The point of confluence of the two rivers – shortly after the falls – is tri-national, between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. During the day we will enjoy the spectacle of the waterfalls from the point of view of Argentina, at the point where the “Devil’s Throat” shocks with the vortex of waters that precipitate in the bowels of the earth. We will enjoy the water veil unfolding before us adorned with the colors of the iris, as the sun’s rays illuminate its imposing surface.

Day 6 - Iguazu (Brazilian Waterfalls National Park)

Only at Cosmorama: Photo “safari” in the waterfalls!
Brazilians say that the most beautiful pictures of the falls are on the Argentine side, but in order to see them, one must be on the Brazilian side. And on this occasion we visit the Brazilian Falls National Park. The bus will take us to the entrance of the park. From there we will walk through the lush vegetation photographing the waterfalls along the river. We take our time on our photo safari, always having a raincoat with us (it can rain in torrents with absolutely no warning) and plenty of free memory on our camera.

Day 7 - Iguazu – Rio de Janeiro

Copa like Copa Cabana
After breakfast we fly to the unique Rio de Janeiro!
The beach of Copa Cabana, the ultimate dream of songwriters and dreamy travelers everywhere stretches out before our eyes today, while the colorful human smorgasbord of lively locals and happy tourists offers us an ideal photographic background that invites us to capture it.

Day 8 - Rio de Janeiro. (Tour & climb to Sugarloaf Mountain)

We climb the “sweetest” hill in town
Satisfying breakfast and morning excursion to the second most populous city, after Sao Paulo, in Brazil. The historic center with its magnificent colonial buildings as well as the mythical beaches of Copa Cabana, Ipanema and Le Blanc frame our direct guided tour of the historic city. We save the best for last: an aerial trolley ride up Pão de Asucar hill which translates as “Sugar Loaf” will reward us with a dreamy view from a different angle of the diverse city.

Day 9 - Rio de Janeiro (climb Corcovado Hill)

And God made Rio
God made the world in 7 days and Rio de Janeiro on the eighth, says the adage proudly invoked by the residents of Rio.
On the Corcovado hill, from an altitude of 700 meters, Jesus the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor) gazes at the world, marking one of the most recognizable places on the planet. The cog railway will take us up to the hill on which we are going to enjoy the incomparable breathtaking view! The city, the famous beaches, as well as the lagoon of Niteroi on the other side of the bay of Guanabara stretch before our eyes exhibiting an incomparable beauty. Of course, we will not miss taking a photo in front of the statue of Jesus.
The magnificent view from the top of the hill of the entire city and the lacy shores gives us every reason to feel lucky and truly blessed.

Day 10 - Rio de Janeiro

To the rhythm of samba with frozen caipirinhas cocktails
Children indulging in soccer tricks, shapely mulattos showing off their best under the sun, tourists enjoying frozen cocktails while looking around. In the Bell Cup you will hear the most rhythmic heartbeat in the world! And if the sound of samba condenses the true essence of a night in Rio, then the evening is dedicated to its rhythm. The famous “Skala” or “Plataforma” nightclubs, as well as the bars located on the beach will introduce you to Brazilian nights, but also to the secrets of the perfect caipirinha. Finally, on Avenida Atlantica there is a night market for souvenirs.

Day 11 - Rio De Janeiro – Athens

Leaving the City of Wonder
We enjoy the time we have left in the Cidade Maravilhosa (City of Miracles) until the time we are transferred to the airport. From there and through an intermediate station we fly to Greece.

Day 12 - Athens/ Thessaloniki

Arrival in Athens/Thessaloniki.
Our spectacular trip to Latin America may have come to an end, but the wonderful images, the rhythm of the samba and the recipe for the perfect caipirinha will follow us forever!


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Argentina -Brazil - Iguazu Falls | 17/03 - 06/04

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