Terms of Services


The general terms and conditions specify the responsibilities, obligations and rights as well as the procedures for exercising them between the Contracting Parties, ie the Office and the Customers. For this reason, please study them carefully.


The participation declaration is made by the participant or the representative of the participants (group excursions of institutions, associations, individuals, etc.).
Phone or other reservations that are not validated by the payment of the corresponding deposit and are not confirmed by our office with the corresponding written confirmation, are not valid and do not bind the office.
In order for any participation statement to be valid, it must be accompanied by the payment of an advance payment equal to 40% of the value of the trip.
The signatory participant assumes full responsibility towards the organizer for the persons for whom a representative declares, provided that they do not fulfill their obligations under this contract.
If the participant declares his participation through another tourist office, all updates, changes, cancellations will be made by the tourist office where the reservation has been made, which bears the sole responsibility for direct information of the participant as well as for the payment of advance and payment to specific intervals listed below as well as for the provision of such legal documents.
Payment of the remaining price of the trip must be made within the time interval from the date of deposit of the deposit up to ten (15) days before the departure date. Otherwise, the Office is not bound and the Customer’s participation in the trip is not considered valid, while the advance payment is paid in favor of the Office as compensation.
If the participant pays for his trip and having received the information issued and delivered by the organizer, according to article 41 β π.δ. 339/1996, before leaving for her, it is presumed that he accepts the possible changes on his part in relation to the original program. If the participant for any reason requests any change in the program or has any particular wish, this must be notified in writing to the organizer during the booking process, who bears no responsibility or obligation to accept the request. A change of schedule or special requirement of the participant is binding on the office only if it has been accepted in writing by the office. Commitments and promises of the seller of the other tourist office that may be inserted do not imply a commitment of our office and do not give rise to a claim of the participant against it.
Upon completion of your trip, your office will issue the tax documents required by law, which will be received by your offices during the working days and hours of the financial services (from Monday to Friday 10: 00-17: 00).


The office designs, regulates and coordinates the services mentioned in the program that has been published or in the program that has been agreed with the customers, for a price (price). This price is based on the services described, the exchange rate of foreign currencies with the Euro and the prices of fares, fare, taxes and fees that apply during the design and costing process.
The office reserves the right to fluctuate the prices included in the program in case of changes in transportation costs, fuel and exchange rate changes. Also, the travel agency has the right, for a certain period of time or for a limited number of seats, to pre-sell seats in more favorable prices, in special terms of cancellation fees


Airlines, whether on charter or charter flights, always reserve the right to modify flight schedules and aircraft types without notice. Our office is not responsible for any delay, change of flight schedule, change of aircraft type or cancellation of the flight due to force majeure.
The terms listed on the back of the air ticket are a direct commitment between the airline and the passenger. Therefore, travelers should not plan important personal activities or combine other travel, departure or arrival days. Under no circumstances can the office be imposed on the airline to limit any intermediate stops and waiting times for connections.
Our office, in the context of its interest in adhering to the program of the trip, can provide the participating passenger with an airline transportation other than the one originally indicated in the program, if there is an inability of the initially selected company to carry out the transport properly and without delay. The participant has no claim against this change, provided that the ultimately selected airline meets the international rules of safe air transport.
Our office does not participate in or may affect or interfere with the process of loading and generally handling luggage by airlines and handling services of the various airports. Therefore, it does not bear any responsibility to the participant for damage, loss or delay in delivery of luggage. In such cases, the claims of the participant are directed directly against the airline in accordance with the applicable provisions of international law.


The category of hotels that may be mentioned in the program is in accordance with the tourist organization of the country to which they belong. But because there is no single international criterion for this ranking, it makes sense for different hotels to differ from each other, even if they belong to the same category.
The office maintains the possibility of changing a hotel with another of the same category. Of course, the office is obliged to ensure that each hotel is, based on its operating license, of the category listed in the program, without guaranteeing any quality features.
The triple rooms are double rooms with an extra bed. The extra bed can be smaller than a regular bed or sofa bed or folding bed
In case of excessive bookings at the hotel, the office will try to replace your room in another hotel room of the same category or if this is not possible, in a hotel room of better class and will return to the customer the difference that arises without having our office any further responsibility or liability.
Under international terms, hotel rooms are picked up after 14:00 and delivered until 12:00 noon, regardless of the arrival or departure time of the tenants.
In the case of half board (breakfast and main meal) the choice of lunch or dinner is made according to the schedule of each day. Dinner can be outside the hotel.


The Office strives to adhere to the schedule of the organized trip, planning every detail from much earlier. However, there is the possibility of modifying it due to the use of third parties as suppliers over which it has no direct control such as airlines and shipping companies, hotels, transport and other tourism companies who may not meet their obligations. Despite its clear mediating role, the office makes every effort to meet the needs of its customers, but cannot be held responsible for any irregularities it cannot anticipate or control, such as:
a) For any changes or modifications that may occur before and during the various stages of the journey arising from the services of the airlines and transport companies and agencies (delays, cancellations, changes in aircraft type, excessive bookings, baggage losses, etc.),
b) Accidents, diseases or unpleasant organic effects from climatic conditions, inability to adapt to different time zones, altitude, epidemics, food poisoning or insufficient cleaning conditions.
c) Changes in any service or the entire program, due to “force majeure” (war or threat of war, catastrophes, terrorist acts, strikes, political unrest, etc.).
d) Damage, loss or theft of luggage, personal belongings, money or travel documents and any consequences of a criminal or other criminal act.
Prior to the trip, the office reserves the right to modify the schedule of the trip and adjust its price. In this case, the traveler can cancel his participation and get back the money he has paid in advance, if the change is substantial, such as e.g. the change of departure or return day. This right is not granted if the change of program is insignificant (eg change in the day of scheduled tour, change of hotel to another of the same category, cancellation of one of the various tours, change of departure time from morning to noon in the afternoon and so on)
During the execution of the excursion, the leader reserves the right to modify part or all of it, if he deems it in the best interests of the excursionists and serves the better execution of the general program.
All extraordinary expenses (extra nights, food, transportation, etc.) resulting from the modification of part or all of the program, due to extreme events or incidents of force majeure, except the control of the Office, are solely borne by the excursionists.
The order of the tours can be changed without the slightest omission. Possible change of departure times, means of transport from morning to noon or afternoon and vice versa or the time of boarding a bus, it is not considered a change of schedule
Museums / shows that will be closed on public holidays will not include guided tours or visits.


The Office has the right to cancel the trip, due to low participation, no later than three days before departure. Cancellation of the trip can also be done for reasons of force majeure or for reasons that the Office deems appropriate. In these cases it suggests another excursion of the same price and quality. If the customer does not accept then the amount paid is refunded. No other requirements are recognized or accepted.
If during the trip there are reasons that require its immediate cessation (war, emergency weather, etc.), the responsibility of our office is limited to repatriating the participant by the most appropriate means, without incurring the cost that may arise. any liability or refund or compensation.


If the participating Customer or the representative of the Customer Group or any other participant decides to cancel his participation, he must state this in writing. The cancellation is valid from the date of receipt of the notice. In this case, the Customer who cancels his participation, is charged with the following amounts, depending on the time interval from the receipt of the cancellation document to the date of departure, since the Office to ensure the necessary services for the execution of his project, prepays significant amounts to third parties (hotels, airlines, etc.).

  1. Thus, in case of cancellation: from 1 to 21 days before departure, an amount of 30 euros per person is withheld for the expenses incurred by the company to serve them (reservations, correspondence, etc.).
  2. After the above period and up to 14 days before departure, the participant is required to pay 40% of the value of the trip
  3. 13 to 8 days before departure, the participant is required to pay 60% of the value of the trip
  4. If the cancellation is made in the last week before departure, 100% of the value of the trip is withheld, whatever the reason (health, emergency professional obligations, etc.)
  5. In case of using charter flights and regardless of the cancellation period before departure, the entire value of the trip is withheld (100%)
  6. In the case of the use of airlines in an excursion package or holiday package, where the immediate issuance of the air ticket is required or in the case of the hotel, full prepayment and issuance of a voucher are required, regardless of the departure time of the trip, the full value of the air ticket and hotel accommodation is withheld as this is issued at the time of booking and cannot be canceled by the airlines or the hotel.
  7. For cruises or even for some trips, (eg Russia, America, Holy Places, etc.) that we often call distant or exotic as well as for individual, F.I.T. trips, different cancellation terms usually apply, according to the terms of each fare of airline companies as well as the cancellation policy of each hotel.
  8. Also in periods of exhibitions, sporting or artistic events, cancellation periods are usually much more long away from the departure of the trip and booking fees withheld are higher than the previously mentioned ones
  9. In the event that one of the two individuals who have chosen to stay in a double room together, cancels his participation, he will pay the corresponding cancellation fees. Since the above cancellation fees are not equal to 100% of the total value of the trip, the person who will eventually travel will also pay the difference of a single bed for his double room as he will eventually use it as a single one.


Οur Office provides all the necessary information regarding travel and other documents required for each trip and destination and their issuance, but each traveller is responsible for the authentication, validity and security of all travel documents necessary for participation in the trip (passport, visas, certificates, licenses, visa, etc.), and the office holds no responsibility.,
It is also not liable if the validity of the visa is less than the duration of the trip (ie the dates do not coincide) or if a couple of travelers have different nationalities between them, except Schengen or if their passport is less valid than what each country requires. Also, service IDs (police, army, etc.) are not considered as travel documents and the excursionist in consultation with his service or the competent authorities must confirm their validity, because in these cases our office is not responsible for any exit ban. from the country.
Adults traveling with minor children should have taken care of the necessary documents, such as authorizations, etc. because even in these cases our office is not responsible for any ban on leaving the country.
Also, our office is not responsible if the authorities do not allow an excursionist to enter or leave the country either due to non-submission of an honest declaration or due to a ban or restrictions imposed on his person, in such a case the excursionist is not entitled to a refund of any amount paid to the office.
The supply of foreign exchange (purchase, genuine declaration, genuine signature, etc.) is also the sole responsibility of the participant.
Main obligation of the excursionists is their timely arrival at certain places and times according to the schedule. In case of delay of the excursionist and his untimely attendance at the specified place or time for the execution of the program (such as guided tours, transfers, flights, meals) the leader has the right to leave, with the consequence that the excursionist loses the event without being entitled of any compensation or refund. In this case, the excursionist must reconnect with the group at his own expense.
Any participant can validly assign his participation to another, after informing the office at least 5 working days before departure. The assignor and the assignee are jointly and severally liable for any monetary debts, as well as for the additional costs of this assignment (charges due to name change and airfare, telecommunications expenses, etc.). Also, the acceptor, by accepting his participation, declares that he has become aware and agrees with the terms of participation.


The office has designed and wants the full, according to the program, provision of services agreed with the Customers. In case of any problems during the trip, the customer has the right to file his complaints in writing within seven (7) days from the date of return.
Requirements for bodily injuries resulting from non-performance or faulty performance of the arrangements of the organized trip are limited in accordance with the provisions of the international treaties on liability, which bind Greece and govern those benefits.

  1. Air transport: Warsaw Agreement 1912
  2. Maritime transport: Bern Convention 1974
  3. Road transport: EU legislation
  4. Hotel accommodation: Paris Agreement 1962.
    With regard to other damages (other than bodily harm) arising from non-performance or faulty performance of the travel arrangements, the compensation is limited to the return of the value of the service not provided.
    The claim of the participant for any restoration of his moral damage, as a result of non-execution or faulty execution of the contract through the fault of the organizer or third parties for whom he is responsible, may in no case exceed 15% of its basic price per person. excursion before taxes. This restriction is expressly agreed by the parties within the framework of article 5 par. 2d p.d. for any legal claim of the claims, the Greek Courts and in particular the Courts of the headquarters of our Office in Thessaloniki are determined.

The Office in application of P.D. 339 / 5.9.96 has been insured against risks relating to the performance of the travel contract and the repatriation of travelers in the event of bankruptcy. The insurance company and the details of the insurance policy are mentioned in the travel contract form. However, we recommend that travelers ask insurance counselors for their temporary insurance coverage for illness or accident during the trip, which is optional.

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