Evi Kousi



Evi Kousi is the visionary CEO and founder of Business Travel, a leading Greek travel agency established in 1989. Her commitment to delivering professional and exceptional travel services has propelled the company to prominence in the industry.

Beyond her role at Business Travel, Evi is an active member of the Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs, where she contributes to empowering and supporting fellow women in business. Her strategic leadership and adaptability have kept Business Travel at the forefront of innovation in the dynamic travel sector.

Evi Kousi’s legacy extends beyond corporate success, as she continues to inspire as a female entrepreneur and advocate for gender diversity. Her contributions to both the travel industry and women’s empowerment mark her as a trailblazer in Greek entrepreneurship.


Tour Experience99%
Customer Relation95%
Managing 95%

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Phone : +30 2310 222 373
Email : [email protected]

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