Business Travel is a travel agency, located and based in Thessaloniki since 1984.

Business Travel is also one of the oldest travel companies in Greece which offers all kinds of services in terms of air tickets, acommodation, transportation, organized trips and journeys for business purpose.


The most essential part of our business activities as an agency all these years is the professional and business travel needs of our customers. Plenty of our clients are focused on promoting their work through worldwide business exhibitions and fairs, while others are interested in getting informed about new trends basically in fashion and furniture branches.
We also own two subsidiaries, one of them focuses on luxury vacation and incorming tourism in Greece. The second subsidiary is currently under the alias GreeceontheGo by presenting some new tourism features such as Greek mainland roadtrips including a variety of cultural and other activities. Pretty special travel packages, fully customized on your own needs!


We have greater knowledge of Greece and we can guarantee you that by entering our network you will get benefited from our reliable services in terms of quality, confidentiality, safety, professionalism and economic advantages. Our vision is to archive specialization to all kinds of traveling. Our agents have traveled thoroughly around the globe in order to be able to plan the best trip according to your tastes and budget. Luxurious vacation, student trips or family explorations are all available for your any time in any place of the world.


Next goal is to enhance the incoming tourism to Greece from Asian countries. We see the opportunity and the cultural similarities that could create great relationships between the people and the businesses. We aim on creating agreements and partnerships with agencies all around Asia with main purpose on developing a network of incoming tourism to Greece and from Greece.


Our business partners have travelled all over the world and they are capable of organising your trip in the most efficient conditions, always by taking under consideration your preferences and your total budget. Luxurious vacations, competitive travel packages for students or even family excursions. Everything you can imagine is always available through Business Travel.